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If you fancy yourself as a heroic fighter of the zombified masses, then look no further than the Life Science Centre this Halloween. Or should that be the Undead Science Centre? Reanimated corpses both fresh and slightly worse for wear will be shambling around the museum for an adults-only night of zombie laser tag. Face off against the flesh eating horrors before taking a leisurely stroll (or should that be roll) down the catacombs to discover the secrets of a 19th century Parisian crypt.

If you survive all that then you’ll be deserving of a special drink and there’s plenty of fiendishly good cocktails on offer, as well as have a dance to celebrate your achievements with DJ Peff Soulsby. The Moss Troopers will be on hand to deliver some spooky storytelling, while the planetarium will be playing host to a variety of short horror films in an immersive environment. If that wasn’t enough, you can still experience everything else the centre has to offer, so if you fancy a spin on Super Mario at the Game On 2.0 exhibition afterwards, be our ghost.

Please note that the Life Science Centre takes no responsibility for zombie bites on the night. Please fight the undead at your own risk.

Halloween Lates comes to the Life Science Centre on Saturday 31st October.

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