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Artificial Intelligence is very much embedded in our personal and professional lives. From Siri to Alexa, self-driving cars to the prospect of one day having robots in the home (there is a film or two about this), but what happens if it all goes wrong? On Thursday 9th February Life Science Centre invite a panel of experts to chew the fat and really explore this conundrum in an adult’s only evening (with a pay bar) and audience participation (if you choose), with an expectation that you don’t attend if you’re easily offended…peaked your interest?

The event is part of Life Science Centre’s Science Speakeasy Programme, a series in which important and often controversial topics are debated in a quirky and often irreverent way. No topic is taboo…however all discussion is based on correct science to avoid misinformation. Subjects for discussion may include whether AI is something to be embraced or feared, what the future holds if AI replaces what humans traditionally do, and who is to blame when AI goes wrong?

Questions to the expert panel – which includes Prof Subramanian Ram Ramamoorthy, Chair of Robot Learning and Autonomy at the University of Edinburgh; Dr Clara Crivellaro, Senior Research Fellow at Newcastle University; Luke Chambers, Researcher in Artificial Intelligence Law at Northumbria University and Dr Mhairi Aitken, Ethics Research Fellow at Alan Turing Institute – are encouraged.

Science Speakeasy: Artificial Stupidity takes place at Life Science Centre, Newcastle on Thursday 9th February.

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