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Every year to celebrate our birthday, we curate a free compilation album which showcases some of our favourite artists from the last year. We hope you enjoy this year’s selection! Download the album in full for free from our Bandcamp. Here’s a peek at the track from Twayn…

Twayn offer an interesting mix of pop and rock, while at times the light fluttering bird-like song of folk singers can be heard. In a track which explores the complications of unrequited love and its subsequent impact, it’s a mature theme wrapped up in a delightful almost country-esque sound that showcases the potential of these two sisters. “The song talks about a person who you wish you could have a relationship with but who you know doesn’t feel the same way.”

What Dreams Are Made Of was initially released back in January 2022 when the twins were only 17. Hot tip: remember their name.


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