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Image: DMAs by Kalpesh Lathigra

In a stripped back and effortless show, three-man Australian band DMAs played Middlesbrough Empire on a sunny summer Tuesday school night. In what can be described as a relatively intimate gig (these tend to be the best kind, in my opinion), the crowd clearly adored the band and the band clearly adored the crowd, frequently showing their appreciation for each other. The vibes were energetically upbeat. Energy was warm, requited and there was much camaraderie throughout the dance floor of gazing faces.

The band played a lengthy and extended set list which encompassed tracks from all of their albums. For me, tracks off the new album, How Many Dreams?, benefited from the less produced sound and Everybody Thinks It’s Thursday is a bloody brilliant tune. The band flitted through their back catalogue with The Glow and Silver real highlights, but Lay Down and Delete were the pinnacle for me, and the crowd expressed their appreciation (coming relatively close to close to the end). In its essence, it had all the elements that a good time should. It was a great gig.

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