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Image: Monomyth, 2020 by Petra Szeman 

Two new exhibitions which explore themes of identity, social interaction and our ever-increasing dependence on the virtual world will take place at Eston Arts Centre.

Geraldine Snell’s work navigates humour, nuance and awe by utilising moving image, performance, music and the written word. Her exhibition, self help, runs from Thursday 17th December until mid-January. “My creative endeavours help me to navigate being an overthinking, overloving, oversharing subject in our hyperconnected, oversaturated, dopamine-soaked now.” She explains. Often using a compact or camera phone, her work captures sublime and mundane moments and insights. “I embrace digital and social media because they are best placed to house antidotes to the conditions of oversaturation and alienation they can induce. Whether it’s human eyes blinking through an emoji, the grubby phone that draws attention to your own sticky screen, or YouTube tutorials that offer more rumination than instruction, I interrupt image streams and social media zing with intimate works that offer a slow, haptic counterpoint to the speed and slickness around them.”

Somewhat ironically, given the uncertain local lockdown situation, the exhibition will be held online, but rather than detract from the message the artist is conveying, the medium merely serves to prove her point.

Already slated to take place online throughout December and January, moving image artist Petra Szemán’s show also plays with boundaries between screens and the worlds represented inside them, via notions of identity, virtual worlds and animation theory and dissecting the ways our memories and selves are constructed within a landscape that has become oversaturated with fiction – both on and off-screen.

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