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Continuing to expand her experimental CV, Natalie Sharp (fka Lone Taxidermist) embarks on her first solo exhibition this month at Middlesbrough’s Eston Arts Centre.

36000 Sexes of Fungi asks questions around how we can gain enlightenment through our natural environment, and continues the artist’s ongoing journey into the physiological symbiosis with ecology, taking in a variety of mediums.

Speaking about her practice Natalie Sharp said: “I am an octopus artist. I have many tendrils that curiously spread wide and infinitely, therefore the piece will be made up of many forms including: AV, video, sound, costume, performance and sculpture. My specialist interests are: Spume, Oceans, Mycelium and Ecosex!”

Natalie Sharp’s work has received rightful acclaim thanks to her willingness to create open-minded and thought provoking pieces, musical or otherwise. She enjoys challenging existing frameworks, exploring themes around sexuality, gender, pain and the body, and encouraging her audience to meet her in non-conventional settings, confronting them to become non-passive consumers.

Natalie Sharp presents 36000 Sexes of Fungi at Eston Arts Centre from Saturday 16th April-Thursday 15th May.

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