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Six hairy, slightly disheveled lads dressed in grey uniform…you’d be forgiven for thinking D.U.D.S were a gang rather than a band. They’re not after a cameo in a remake of The Warriors though, instead they seek to unleash their engaging brand of wonky, lo-fi post punk on those who wish to partake in its weird and wonderful conception.

As debut albums go, 2017’s Of A Nature Or Degree is as sharp and sure as they come. With most tracks clocking in at under two minutes, there’s little time to digest, leaving you to simply feed off the energy of their frantically brief existence. Drums jitter and guitars chug, jerk and splutter like an old train engine starting up for the first time in years. The likes of Elastic Feel and Irregular Patterns are Fall-like in their jagged disjointedness, making the band a delightfully unpredictable prospect. With a wriggling, bass-led clatter that owes a lot to the likes of Devo and Fire Engines, D.U.D.S offer a masterclass in ramshackle, free-formed art punk, and with new album Immediate recently released via Opal Tapes, they’ve only gone deeper into the rabbit hole. If that sounds like your kind of jam, you can catch them clinking and clattering about when they stop off at Star & Shadow Cinema on Thursday 8th November.



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