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Words like ‘long-awaited’ get bandied around until they’re meaningless but the debut album from Leeds(ish) trio Objections really does feel like it’s been a long time coming. It’s being released by Wrong Speed Records (probably the country’s finest label right now) in April and it’s wall-to-wall smart-but-fierce bangers. If you’ve been paying attention to the more interesting fringes of indie-rock (ugh) you’ll know these people: guitarist Joe is best known for Bilge Pump but was in Polaris too. Drummer Neil (Turps to his mum) was in both those bands but also… actually, we don’t have the space for all that! And bassist / singist Claire was in Beards and Nape Neck.

Together they create a remarkable explosion of post-punk/post-hardcore angular, rhythmic, choppy, angular, spacious, really fucking wild wondrousness. It’s taut and energetic and sounds like some of your favourite bands but mostly sounds like Objections. The lyrics are smart, the sounds are sharp and live they’re a joy to behold. And now you can behold them too, because they’re hitting Newcastle this month in a sporadic run of dates around the album’s release. Catch them on Thursday 28th March at the Star & Shadow with an excellent undercard of Espaniel Espaniel and my new favourite band, Boy Latex. It’s going to be quite a time. You should come.

Objections, Espaniel Espaniel and Boy Latext play Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle on Thursday 28th March.


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