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If your inner monologue is starting to sound like that of a recalcitrant child (“I’M BOOOOORED!”) you’ll sympathise with comedians Neil Harris and Stuart Edwards, who have been so fed up with lockdown life they’ve invented a brand new sport and are playing it live on Facebook every Monday (9pm), Thursday (9pm) and Saturday (7pm) evening, plus occasional Sundays.

Bolf – a cross between golf and bowls – is played in the pair’s living room; it comes complete with show sponsor (HOWZAT TV), fast and furious commentary, team managers (in the form of fellow assorted comedians and actors) and post-game analysis. As you’d expect, it borders on utterly ridiculous and sublimely hilarious.

It’s not all for laughs though, the pair are raising money for the West End Food Bank through merch sales, so if you fancy a one-of-a-kind t-shirt or mug depicting the stunning crest of the IBA (International Bolf Association) designed by local designer Graeme Chapman, head to their merch store.

Tune in to the next thrilling round of Bolf on Thursday 7th May at 9pm

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