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Paul Foot is always fantastic, and he’s one of the most influential and revered comedians on the British circuit. His whimsical act is masterfully wacky and childlike, demonstrated perfectly as the comedian runs on stage as his own support, delivering 20 minutes of classic Foot material upfront. 

With the audience instantly in the palm of his hand, it was when the main act started that you understand why this particular tour has been causing so much talk amongst critics and audiences alike.

From the opening rampage, which saw the veteran comedian leaping in on ‘woke culture’ with a delightfully subversive deconstruction of typical anti-woke hypocrisy, the rants are as sharp as ever. The ridiculous and the mythical interweave beautifully as we get taken down a myriad of ludicrous rabbit holes, leaping from the central theme. 

What sets this show apart isn’t just the fact that there is a central theme, which is already unusual for Foot, nor is it simply that the theme is a taboo, as the comedian vulnerably reflects on his mental health, anxiety and depression. The true triumph of the show is that a performance which tackles these themes with such bluntness, honesty and earnestness isn’t just extremely hilarious and extraordinarily balanced, but undeniably uplifting. This show feels important, not just for the  comic and as a cathartic upheaval of his life, but elements of the show genuinely resonated with the audience. The confidence and sparkle that make Paul Foot one of country’s greatest comedians also make him a fantastic storyteller. 

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