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Alex Kealy visits Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre with his debut Rationale tour on Thursday 12th March, in which he discusses how stink bombs and German classical music can make you right-wing. An avowedly left-wing and self-described political comedian, Kealy presents himself as ‘a man with strong political convictions undermined in any argument by his massive cowardice and need for everyone to like him absolutely all the time, always’.

The danger in being so upfront about your political flavour preference is that you risk alienating a certain percentage of your audience before you start. Perhaps Kealy is hoping that by being so open about his affiliations the other lot will naturally stay away and he will spend the evening cracking beautifully constructed gags to like-minded people. Or perhaps he’s out to rationalise those naughty right-wing rotters round to his point of view.

Either way, Kealy’s hour long act in Alphabetti’s cosy venue should establish if he truly has the likeability factor that he craves, and whether he’s the real deal as a career comedian with a reputation for well crafted jokes or if he’s just another posh, left-wing-identifying Londoner trotting out the party line. The power, as they say, is with the people.

Alex Kealy is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Thursday 12th March

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