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Image: Sure Profit by Dr Mike Jeffries

Prospect Us is a new collaboration between Shieldfield Art Works, Newcastle University, BxNU Institute, artists and residents which starts the conversation about the imposing blocks of student accommodation mushrooming in Shieldfield and considers the social, emotional and political impact of the commodification of the land.

Who owns the land? Who profits from it? At what cost? These are some of the questions asked in One Hundred And Thirty Million Pounds of Earth, a map created by Julia Heslop and Dwellbeing Shieldfield which tracks who owns what around the area; also by Heslop, Felling displays photographs of the area past and present to illustrate what we have now and what has been lost; Asset Arrest is a podcast series by Laura Yuile in which she takes a guest to view a property and they pose as potential buyers; Sure Profit is a playful take on the board game Risk in which players can explore the social, emotional and power value of land and resident/community agency in a world where we are all treated as consumers, and the Factory Farming Zine asks whether bland multi-storey apartment blocks are really the experience that young people deserve.

Discussions, workshops and participatory walks around the area form part of this interesting and topical exhibition which will seek to get the conversation going on how we are treating our future, and our past.

Prospect Us is at Shieldfield Art Works, Newcastle from Tuesday 14th September-Friday 26th November

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