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Image: Behold the Tesseract by Rachel Brook

Digital production Behold is a mixed media visual art exhibition from emerging North East artist Rachel Brook. Rachel’s artist film work presents a range of dream-like perspectives, often combining surrealism with art documentary.

Rachel says: “The exhibition title is a shortened version of the main exhibition image Behold The Tesseract. It is a celebration of the tesseract (or hyper cube), a four dimensional shape that can be observed from multiple perspectives. Each time you view the shape you see something new, observing the shape from multiple angles, considering the different interconnected cubes forming the whole shape and the central point of focus, seemingly changing position before your eyes or when you look again.”

The exhibition, which runs at Newcastle’s B&D Studios from Thursday 22nd-Thursday 29th July was inspired by the shared experience we’ve all gone through, as Rachel explains: “I began to think philosophically about the tesseract during the first UK lockdown and what it represented to me about my understanding of the world and the lives of so many people interlinked by common ground and yet fragmented by individual experience. I feel like we exist right now in this pivotal moment in history where polarised sociopolitical consciousness is becoming more blurred and spherical.”

On the day of the exhibition a minted, one-of-a-kind animation of the exhibition’s title piece will be uploaded to the NFT (Non Fungible Token) trading website and made available for auction.

Rachel Brook presents Behold at B&D Studios from Thursday 22nd-Thursday 29th July

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