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A playwright (co-writer with Trevor Wood), Ed Waugh also co-writes sketches for Sunday For Sammy and has established his own comedy sketch show called Laffalang, the next performance of which is at the Westrovia Theatre in South Shields on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th December.

The Clash – White Man In Hammersmith Palais

These boys summed up how I felt/still feel. Power, energy, melody and lyrics that spoke to me directly. I still remember listening to the first Clash album in 1977; my life was changed forever. The punk DIY ethic has never left me. Never will!

Lindisfarne – Fog On The Tyne

It’s about having no money in your pocket but loving where you come from. The lads added to our Geordie identity; never ‘professional Geordies’, musically their work still stands up today.

Mozart – Laudate Dominum

Love a bit of Wolfgang to relax and think. He was knocking off classic tunes as a kid of eight. At that age I was knocking off cherry-flavoured Tunes from the local off-license.

Georges Bizet – Habanera: L’amour est un Oiseau Rebelle (From Carmen)

I bet you think this has gone all wanky now. Seriously, I love live opera. Carmen isn’t my favourite but the tunes are poppy, really accessible and hummable. My favourite live opera is L’Orfeo. It’s sung by a castrato and is weird. Imagine the Bee Gees singing decent music.


Rod Stewart – You Wear It Well

Long hot summers in Grange Estate, Gosforth (‘Tin Town’). Our Les, my brother, who is five years older than me, his mates, and my life-long mates playing poker. I learnt rapidly while playing three-card brag to never bet your comic money on a seven high.


Beatles – I Feel Fine

We got a Dansette for Christmas 1964 and this was one of the singles my mam and dad bought. The feedback and the guitar riff at the start are awesome. I’m not a Beatles fan (weeping guitars and yellow submarines said nothing to me about my life), preferring the 60s sounds of the Stones, Kinks and even my tinnitus.

Marcels – Blue Moon

I love do-wop and this is a wonderful version. My singing voice ranges from awful to offensive but when I sing along to this I’m suddenly the greatest singer in the world.

The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York

The most romantic song ever written. I love drunkenly slurring the bit, “You’re an old slut on junk”, to my wife.

Billy Bragg – Which Side Are You On?

The 84/85 Miners Strike exposed the role of the capitalist state; whole mining communities were terrorised by the police, judiciary, media and politicians. Kinnock was a traitor. Like many other working class socialists, I was expelled from the Labour Party in 1988. This paved the way for New Labour and we are witnessing the pathetic death agony of that pro-capitalist party. Hopefully soon the trade unions will form a new, socialist, party of Labour.

The Ramsays – One More Drink

As the sons and daughters of punks grew up they produced indie music. Around seven years ago I really got into the Ramsays, a teenage unsigned, three-piece band from Cramlington. Check out the video on YouTube. It’s raw but exciting.

Maximo Park – Graffiti

A Certain Trigger was arguably the best debut album since The Clash. Every song on the first album is great. Graffiti even rises above that: a rock classic.

Bob Dylan – With God On Our Side

Like Paul Weller and Ray Davies, Dylan has the rare ability to put a novel’s worth of material in a nine-verse song. Stop reading this and Google the lyrics. Genius!

Amy Rigby – Dancing With Joey Ramone

Perfect rock/pop. A classic song and a fitting tribute to a great band (the best live band I’ve ever seen). Following them around the UK circa 77/78. Thanks for the first four albums. RIP boys.

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