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Words: Ceitidh Mac, Sam Grant, Frankie Archer & Jayne Dent

As if having a successful album in recent release Seabird wasn’t enough to prove alt. folk cellist Ceitidh Mac’s superb talent, she’s now enlisted a talented group of pals to create a series of masterful remixes of some of the songs, in a newly released EP due out on 17th May. Re-imaginings and collaborations come courtesy of Sam Grant (aka Rubber Oh), Jayne Dent (Me Lost Me) and Frankie Archer, all of whom wax lyrical here on some of their favourite remixes.

Ceitidh Mac

Greentea Peng/Nightmares on Wax – Top Steppa V2

One of the first people I saw playing live after Covid was Greentea Peng at Latitude Festival. It reminded me of the power of collectively experiencing live music, and hearing live music through a sound system! I listened to her music a lot since then and enjoyed this Nightmares on Wax Remix.

Rozi Plain (Hiro Ama) – Conditions

I love the original of this track by Rozi Plain. I think this remix really catches the warmth and dreaminess of the track. It’s got a euphoric build to it and still keeps the original as a thread with Rozi Plain’s vocals still shining through.

Sam Grant

The Gentle People – Journey (Aphex Twin Care Mix)

Any tracks from Aphex Twin’s 26 Mixes For Cash could be chosen. For some he’s quoted as saying “I never heard the originals…I don’t want to, either.” Bold remix attitude. This particular track was a favourite – an amazing work in its own right.

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Mega Mix)

This remix is glorious. The original is already nailed down, so Cowley just made it longer! Perfect… with added psychedelic seasoning!

Frankie Archer

Samaris – Góða Tungl (DJ Arfi Remix) 

I listened to the original of this song so much in the early 2010s and only heard this remix a few weeks ago. I know the original inside out so hearing the weird bendy chords DJ Arfi made my brain feel odd in the best way.

Gojira – Born in Winter But It’s Toxic by Britney Spears

The unexpected but perfect lovechild of my teenage pop and metal obsessions.

Jayne Dent

Tashi Wada & Yoshi Wada – Fanfare (Julia Holter ‘Unearthly Bird’ Remix)

I adore the original piece, and I love Julia’s approach to remixing it here because it feels like a completely different track – she doesn’t just arrange it, it’s more like a new work in response to the original. She takes this dense wall of sound and carves away at it like a sculptor before adding completely new vocal parts, taking it to another realm entirely.

Bas Jan – Anglo Saxon Burial Ground (Lone Taxidermist Remix)

I love this remix because it’s so playful and unexpected. The catchy vocal hooks are repeated incessantly like ritual chants over this amazing mixture of video game like SFX and spooky club music, like Stonehenge is melting or something.

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