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The fact that The Lulas’ debut album is called Enjoy The Ride perhaps says a lot about the Middlesbrough four-piece. The band exude joy; whether it’s in their jubilant performances, or the feel-good fusion of their music. This is a bunch of musicians who just love what they do, and it’s infectious.

Having solidified their line-up just before Covid struck, and comprising of Michael (guitar), Adam (drums), Marina (vocals) and Ash (bass), they gelled quickly as a group, despite the challenges of the ensuing couple of years. “We’ve been great mates since, holding friendship in higher esteem than being band mates,” they explain, even choosing to answer my questions as a collective.We feel connection is one of the most important features of a great band – it transcends into the music and live shows.”

Citing influences which include the likes of Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Amy Winehouse, the band’s groove-infused dynamic runs the gamut of pop, funk, indie and jazz with an emphasis on rhythm, making the music highly danceable and energetic. “It is a collection of feel-good tunes with each song having its own turbulence of melodic and rhythmic storytelling.” But that’s not to say that the music they write is throwaway, there’s been careful consideration around the messages the band choose to portray. “There’s definitely a theme of self worth across this album, which we love having as an underlying message for our listeners. We feel strongly that our music should tell our listeners who we are and what we believe in. Although we love our music to be upbeat and catchy every song still holds meaning.”

There’s definitely a theme of self worth across this album, which we love having as an underlying message for our listeners

Using their own experiences, or those they’re close to, in order to write honest and positive music has resulted in Enjoy The Ride becoming an empowering and uplifting listen. The crisp and funky production (courtesy of Teesside super-producer Paddy Jordan) adds a radio-friendly feel to every track, with the likes of previous single Get Out Of My Head and the reggae-infused Pink Socks sounding like they’re the product of a far more established act.

From the joy of youth in Down Nook Road, which the band describe as “reflecting back on when we were teenagers, living our best lives without any real responsibilities”, to Think You’re Cool’s handclaps and sparky guitar solo, and Up All Night’s funky vibes and anthemic chorus, the album is a study in how to produce pop music which fizzes with energy while also tackling some of life’s big questions.

The band explain the meanings behind some of their tracks: “Think You’re Cool is about not letting others make you question who you are or how you act. Sometimes you can walk into a situation and feel eyes burning around you because you don’t ‘fit the mould’ and the best thing to do is just keep doing you.” While Picture Perfect is a hard hitting song about the negative impact social media has on our happiness. “The constant pressure to look ‘picture perfect’ can drive you insane if you let it, and by following the constant changes in trends we could all end up clones of one another if you give up your right to being an individual. The message in this song is clear, you are enough just the way you are.”

With a live show that promises “crazy dance moves, audience participation and a lot of laughs”, The Lulas are the band we all deserve right now.

The Lulas release Enjoy The Ride on 11th November. They perform at Play Brew Co, Middlesbrough on Saturday 12th November, with support from PICNIC and Brad Robinson.


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