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Pop-funk four-piece The Lulas emerged like a ray of sunshine out of the Teesside music scene last year and brightened up music venues around the region with their vibrant and infectious sound. Their latest single, Once upon a time a Wish a song about love and its validity in the modern era. We catch up with The Lulas to discuss the band, the song and future ambitions.

How would you describe your sound? 
We feel that our sound is quite unique as we aren’t really genre-specific as such, but if we have to call ourselves something then we would call it groove pop. A few people at numerous shows have said we sound like a mix of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Amy Winehouse, we consider this a compliment as we love both artists so that’s cool with us. But overall we prefer to write upbeat and groovy music and let our audiences decide what genre they think we are. 

Who are your musical inspirations? 
Overall, we listen to pretty much every genre of music and try and combine elements from all styles we would say a lot of the writing process has been inspired by artists such as John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix along with a lot of current artists such as Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa. The reason we are influenced by such a wide range of artists is that we feel that you have to be open-minded to everything in music if you truly want to write great material, If you’re too closed off this will only hold you back. We listen to all genres from all eras and try to apply some of those same approaches to modern pop music. 

How did the band form?
Originally, The Lulas was formed by Michael and Adam after being in a local successful blues band together, they then decided to try something different and wanted to start a more modern pop group. We previously had another bass player, but he, unfortunately, had to step down from the position. After auditioning a handful of singers and a really long search we finally found Marina who completed the lineup. We have now found a new bassist, Josh who performed his first show with us at KU Bar in Stockton this year. 

Describe the band’s songwriting process. 
We like to try as many approaches as possible, but it mainly comes down to Michael writing the chords, melody and structures to the songs as a starting point and then we go into a full band rehearsal, followed by laying down the drums and bass to fit. Lastly, Marina will go away and write lyrics to all the songs and then change up the melodies and structures to fit her style and voice. From there we strip down the whole song by rearranging and restructuring it, or even completely changing the groove until it becomes the finished piece that you hear live. ‘Pink Socks’, for example, started off as a soulful dance song and we were almost close to scrapping it until we changed the rhythm to a reggae feel which completely changed the whole dynamic of the hit. 

Tell us more about your new single Wish. 
Wish will be released on March 20th and it is a deep meaningful song about the desire to find and keep true love. The song supports the idea that if the love you feel is real, it is the closest thing to magic that a human will experience. With a rise in modern technology and the day-to-day difficulties of a 21st-century society, relationships are tested more than ever. It is important to reflect on what really matters and ‘Wish’ is about never taking someone for granted even through the most testing times. 

What else is in the pipeline?
We have a lot going on at the moment, we have recently been down to London to meet up with a record label and management team, we have a few shows lined up in Newcastle followed by the Nxtgn show on the 28th March at Teesside University and Stockton Calling on the 11th April. We are also heading further afield this year and are playing some dates in Manchester, one being at the Irlam Live 2020 festival which Sophie Ellis Bextor will be headlining so we are really excited about that!. We have currently just been recording some new tracks which we are very pleased with and will be releasing a lot more new material this year. Finally, we’re in the process of developing a full new live show and integrating some new features that we feel will really enhance our gigs. If we’re not gigging, writing or recording then it’s looking into new ways to make our shows a better experience for our audiences.

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