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Rivet City are a 5-piece alt-rock outfit from Manchester, marrying smooth riff-based rock with an intense vocal delivery. Their main aim is to deliver a unique experience for those wishing to engage in their project as well as updating their fanbase via regular haikus. The band are performing at Hardwick Live on Sunday 18th August, so we fired over a quick Q & A to see what’s what.

Where does the name Rivet City come from?
Back in 2008 when Fallout 3 came out, it had a profound effect on all of us. The post-apocalyptic setting twinned with the way it told a story I think made a statement that video games can be considered as art and as legitimate vehicles for complex narratives. Rivet City is the largest city of survivors in the game. We were originally called ‘Albino Gorilla’ (I know, awful right?), and whilst recording some demos decided we needed something new. We were giggling about the idea of Tyldesley (the town where Dave, Dean, and I are from) ending up as being the same kind of last bastion of civilisation that Rivet City is in some kind of nuclear holocaust, and it just stuck. Christ that seems so much more morbid written down.

What do you sound like?
Probably the best way to describe us would be to imagine if the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stereophonics had a baby. Then that kid found out John Mayer was its uncle.

Describe your live show?
Pretty sweet. Come find out.

Do you have any releases in the pipeline?
Yeah we recorded a couple of tracks with Tim Thomas over at Blueprint Studios a while back, can’t recommend the guy enough, he’s great. We’re not quite sure when the first single will be out, but we’re looking at maybe mid-August. We’re also discussing whether to re-release a music video we had out a while ago, so keep an eye on the youtube.

If you could pick your dream festival lineup, who would you have on it?
To be honest our musical tastes are that varied that it would probably end up having to go on for a month straight to fit on everyone we’d want to play! Instead, it’d be cool to just have a little intimate affair similar to Not a Cult Festival. It’d be great to see Ask My Bull, Benaddict, Bethlehem Casuals, The Peace Pipers, Omit Sleep, Faux Pas, Dakota Avenue, The Dazed, Manalishi, Mass Controller, My Octopus Mind, Patchwork Guilt, and a reunion of Saturday Morning Cartoons. The idea of unsigned acts like ourselves all coming together and making something happen is much more enticing than massive names. 

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