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On Saturday 27th April, Teesside based hip-hop, beats and rap crew, Rhyme Molesters release their much anticipated new album Rhymes Against Humanity, with a launch party the night before at Vinyl at Edge bar, Stockton. We catch up with them to discuss their latest collection of  razor-sharp rhymes.

Describe your sound in a single bar.
A diverse style of hip hop coupled with our own views and sense of humour on everyday issues
Who are your musical influences?
We have a wide range of music tastes/influences such as blues, jazz, reggae, punk, garage, jungle and hardcore to name a few, but our hip hop influences come mostly from modern UK hip-hop and 90s east coast such as Verb T, Rhyme Asylum, DITC, Gang Starr and the Cella Dwellas.
According to the press release  “Rhymes Against Humanity” is a collection of up to the minute social commentary and razor sharp observations with occasional humour…’ What events/goings on have caught your eye and will be dissected in the album?
Examples of issues we took on include western materialism and the modern issue of social media. Where people are more focused on how they look online than who they are in the real world. There are many more but generally we just did us, which resulted in some unique themes we didn’t feel had been covered in hip-hop yet. Every track on the album has its own subject matter, which adds to the diversity.
The album took two years to make. Can you give a little more insight to the writing and recording process?
We all write our own lyrics, whilst a lot of our hooks come from just partying with the mic on. We make all our own beats, or have friends guest produce for us, making the material fully original. when all the components are ready we get in the studio as a group with a pot of tea and put the verses down over the mastered instrumental. When we are happy with the track, a final mix of the beat and lyrics is done before sending the finished track off to be mastered. However, we are always sure to avoid deadlines or putting too much pressure on ourselves. we believe firmly that: “it’s ready when it’s ready”.
What can people expect from your live show?
We would like everyone to have a safe but thrilling experience they can join in with, whilst enjoying the kind of energy and enthusiasm we put into our music.
Tell us more about your launch event at Vinyl.
Doors to our event open at 7pm, we’ll be spinning our own vinyl to warm the night before our friends from Leeds (Lyrical Alliance/Chills Myth and Precinct Phantom) take the stage. Then we’ll be following up with our showcase of “Rhymes Against Humanity”. It’s free entry and you will be able to score an early copy of the CD as well as limited edition album merchandise.

Rhyme Molesters perform at Vinyl, Edge Bar at Stockton on Friday 26th April (entry is free) and their new album “Rhymes Against Humanity” is released Saturday 27th April. You can pre-order it here.

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