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If someone said would you like an alternative form of comedy to what is being shown on mainstream TV channels on an evening, then I would say “Yes”. The Cutty Bang Cabaret Show does that every month to audiences who want something a bit different, putting on some of the best alternative comedians on the circuit as well as introducing weird and wonderful new acts. Tonight (Thursday 30th May), they take over Pineapple Black art space to put on a bumper show, so we caught up with organiser John Paul McQue to find out more.
Tell us more about The Cutty Bang Cabaret Show at Pineapple Black?
The Cutty Bang Cabaret Show, it’s more of a gang than a show and it’s more of a vehicle than a gang, it’s an erased de kooning drawing. Pinapple Black is a new art gallery in Middlesbrough and we’re bringing 16 comedians to the space. It’s going to be an art show where all the exhibits are comedians, so it’s a bit of a change of scene from our house parties on Baker Street or one of our secret train gigs.
How did collaborating with Pineapple Black come about?
We were chatting at an aftershow party, going over different projects we had in the pipeline we’re both on a similar wavelength and thought it would be a good idea to collaborate on something in the future, we we’re going for a bit of an upstairs downstairs thing on Baker Street but it got a bit too big so here we are.
Who are the highlights of this upcoming show?
all sixteen acts are bringing their own flavour to the mix, the spectacle of the show will be the highlight. Watching genres being created right in front of your very eyes! I’m a big fan of Gordon Hoyle’s dadaist poetry and i’m really looking forward to seeing Lois Conlan’s Danny De Vito. It’s all good, there’s something there for all fans of comedy it’s a bit weird a bit surreal AND IT’S BYOB.. that’s always a highlight.

In your opinion, what makes a good alternative comedy act?
It has to be original, who the fuck wants to hear about some chump breaking up with his girlfriend, or eating hummous, or how quinoa is pronounced keen-wah.. No one that’s who. No one. I want to see something that no-one can relate to, give me a woman convinced that she’s Danny de Vito or a man who laments not spending enough time with his shuttlecock son.

Is the current political climate fueling a vibrant alt-comedy scene.
It’s fueling division and hatred.. (drops trousers and waddles off out of the room like a penguin making fart noises and using a pen as a cigar).

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