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Image: The Word Gang, L-R Bobby Benjamin, Sadie Joan, Wil Jackson, Kurt Horner, Thomas Walliker

It’s safe to say that there are few creative and cultural revolutions that can claim to have gestated in a stockroom, however Pineapple Black are looking to shake things up with Middlesbrough’s new “open collective” The Word, with their first event taking place on Saturday 22nd October.

This inaugural event is the result of intense organisation from curators Sadie, Wil and Bobby, who are launching the event with the aim to remove the barrier between audience and performers.

Each live event will use a particular theme as the impetus for a night of rampant creation, acting as a loose jump-off for any creatives wanting to get involved, with the first event being curated by Pineapple Black’s existing team of artists, musicians, writers, poets and videographers, taking place across two stages with no pre-existing schedule.

At every step of the way, it is clear that PB have no interest in presenting any boundaries or creative obstacles for those wanting to participate, with the main onus being on ensuring that everyone, from actors and drag queens, to poets and musicians, get a chance to make the evening their own. For those interested, there’s a pre-event social on Saturday 1st October to find out more.

The Word launches on Saturday 22nd October at Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough.

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