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With regular Monday night comedy show Gav’s Sinister Monday Club taking place at The Chillingham Arms in Newcastle, we caught funnyman Gavin Webster for a chat to find out a little more.

Tell us about your Sinister Monday Club?
Gav’s Sinister Monday Club is a weekly comedy gig at the Chillingham Arms in Heaton, anything goes, anyone can perform even if you’ve got something serious to say, I compere it and mainly people do it to try out new material.

How have shows been so far?
Very mixed it’s fair to say. We had one great night where we were full and lots of nights where we’ve been half full, also a couple of nearly empty rooms. That’s show business though and it is on a Monday night during a warm spell with bank holidays thrown into the mix.

Why did you choose The Chillingham Arms?
I’ve played the Chillingham on and off for maybe 15 years and I know Micky the landlord very well, we go back even further. He was the manager of the original Hyena Cafe when it was downstairs and it was a brilliant club.

Do you feel there’s something special to those rooms above a pub type gigs?
Definitely, a room above a pub on a good night is as good as any theatre gig.

What can we expect from upcoming shows?
More of me doing new material, more great comics trying out new material and new comics that are invariably good however some quite frankly need therapy

What really makes you laugh at the moment?
Non-professional ‘ordinary’ people make me laugh the most, comedians as a rule are getting more and more dull every year I do this to be honest. Sometimes an open spot just doing a hotch potch arbitery set where no ‘expert’ has gone through the material with them has been the highlight of my comedy year.

You’re also currently doing the Comedy Results on a Saturday night, tell us about that?
The Comedy Results are a comedy results service that I do at midnight on a Saturday night every week. It’s basically a live podcast where comedians ring me up and tell me how their gig went. I sit and listen and chat with them about what it’s like to be a comedian. I’ve normally done a gig as well so I tell the comedy community about mine. It’s an hour and a half long show but it flies by. Well it seems to fly by for me anyway. We’re getting a lot of people tuning in, I think it’s mainly comics.

Any favourite moments so far?
On one episode (live from a Travelodge in Colwyn Bay I’d been working that night in Llandudno) I was so drunk and tired that I fell asleep for the last five minutes. There was still people listening, in fact most of the audience do stay on to the end and they must have heard me snoring in a whisky induced coma. One night I did the show with Lee Kyle in a traffic jam on the M62 due to a massive accident, we got a lot of audience for that show, however we lost them through a bad signal ironically enough when we pulled in at Hartshead Moor services, when we got back on the road we got a signal again but sadly we lost a load of listeners. That’s the hazard of doing this.

Gav’s Sinister Monday Club is at The Chillingham Arms, Newcastle on Monday nights.

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