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My songwriting is a gritty self-examination with a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Whether that’s in the lyrical content, or where the music is set in juxtaposition.”

Newcastle-based indie rock band Bosola release their brand new EP, Thomas & Judas, on 7th October. Featuring moments of folk, country and indie inflections, these four songs are ultimately woven together by a golden thread of alternative rock – the trio’s signature sound. Comprised of Tim Cox (vocals and guitar), Pete Waldock (bass) and Emma Anderson (drums), these musicians create a truly eclectic ambience.

Having already released three songs from the EP as singles, Bosola strived to establish themselves as a versatile band, and Tim wanted to make sure he released music that he loved, not what he thought others wanted to listen to. Despite already having the songs almost fully formed in his mind, during the recording process Tim let these flow and subsequently flourish amongst the chemistry of the band. “There’s a folky side that comes out in some places and an alternative rocky side that comes out in others,” It’s safe to say the musical assimilation of each track both compliments, and in some places beautifully challenges, the thematic choices.

My songwriting is a gritty self-examination with a bit of light at the end of the tunnel

Religion has always been an immense part of Tim’s life, and this EP has proven to be a significant outlet for discussions surrounding his inner emotions and various struggles with the topic. Me On A Good Day lyrically represents an individual losing their faith, appearing mentally exhausted. Yet, set to a rather upbeat accompaniment of echoed guitar riffs and prominent drums, the track similarly evokes a sense of hope and positivity – that light at the end of the tunnel. Tim notes: “These songs aren’t religious in nature, but it comes from my inner religion. I like displaying that melancholy feel with a touch of grandiose.”

They say it’s best to keep your work and personal (in this case musical) life separate, but for Tim, his professional role as a psychologist only enhances his songwriting abilities when composing, as it allows for an alternative lyrical perspective. “My job is to have empathy and really think how others feel,” explains Tim. “Although I don’t bring other people’s stories into my writing, it does help me to think about narratives and creating alternative endings.” Through Tim’s astute storytelling skills, this EP demonstrates a powerful liminality between introspection and a sense of metaphysical perception, all wrapped up in a musical blanket of indie rock.

Bosola have crafted an EP of carefully constructed tracks, examining the relatable dilemmas of relationships and self-growth. With meticulous musical moments and toe-tapping beats, Thomas & Judas will be performed live at The Lubber Fiend in Newcastle on Saturday 8th October, with special guest performances from Honeyflux, Cat Ryan and Pet Rock.

Bosola release Thomas & Judas on 7th October. They play The Lubber Fiend, Newcastle on Saturday 8th October.

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