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Long distance runners require discipline and patience, to pace themselves and precisely select the exact right moment to make a move. The vast majority of an endurance race is run at a moderate pace, carefully and considered, until the inevitable sprint to the finish line. 

This kind of order and control is also shown by Satoshima Nani, drummer for Japanese space-rockers Acid Mothers Temple, who keeps every beat, observes every tempo change and expertly scales his intensity throughout the bands long-form, mostly instrumental, gradually ascending builds until there simply isn’t anywhere else to go aside from the inevitable sprint to the finish line – the wandering, trippy noodling of guitarist Kawabata Makoto and the abrasive, potent synths and keys of Higashi Hiroshi in a vigorous vortex of freak out, heavy-psych energy and a blur of sticks and cymbals. 

Also causing a stir were local support Scott Hepple And The Sun Band. Channelling flower power hippie music of the 60s and 70s, they play folk rock melodies spotted with the energy of bands such as Arthur Lee’s Love as well as some more modern-sounding stoner rock riffs and grooves which really got the quickly expanding crowd moving. 

For the past 25 years the psychedelic rock collective Acid Mothers Temple, with its revolving door of members and guests, have set a benchmark for tempered, considered yet intense and powerful performances and this was no exception. It was quite simply a captivating and engrossing sensory experience. At times so delicate you could well up, and at times boneshaking to the point you could swear the floor may give way. I dare anyone to take their eyes off it for even a moment. They may just find themselves rooted to the spot. 

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