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Welcome to the second in our Good Grief Spotlight series of interviews with comedians. Good Grief is a night which runs at The Stand, Newcastle bringing the freshest, emerging talent, interesting, inventive acts and big laughs and ahead of each monthly show, they’re going to spotlight some of the funny folk on show with an interview.

Next up, ahead of her appearance there on Monday 14th May, it’s the very funny Katherine Tanney

What makes you laugh?
I see the funny in most things. Life is pretty ridiculous, as a rule. I like laughing at little, weird, circumstantial things and things that go a tiny bit wrong. Not in a mean way, just gentle, silly, piss-takey stuff. I like little unexpected rays of funny in otherwise shit situations. I also laugh at my own craic, to an embarrassing degree.

What influences you comedically?
I don’t have a favourite comic, but I would kill to be half way as good as some of the comics on the North East circuit. I watch people on stage and chat to them as mates and just think, I’d love my mind to work like that, that quickly and imaginatively. My stuff is pretty mainstream and based on things that happen to me or people I know or that crop up in conversations, but tarted up a bit. It’s a massive cliche but I definitely use it for therapy about self image, too. It’s the silver lining to a few clouds, being able find the silliness and use it on stage. That makes me sound a bit maudlin. I’m not really.

What influences you generally?
Um, I try not to be an arse.

What do you like most about gigging in Newcastle?
Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s the comedians I gig with. I’ve made some incredible friends through comedy, who are brilliant, hilarious, kind, clever and enormously supportive. If I never gigged again I’d still be chuffed to bits to have that as an outcome.

Kath Tanney is one at Good Grief at The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 14th April.

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