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North-East-based solo-artist Nadedja follows up June’s release, Holographic Sickening Love, with an “energetically-earthy and sexually-driven” alt-pop offering, Souvenirs of a Parallel Past. Recorded at The Motor Museum Recording Studio in Liverpool and Mixed and produced by Bob Mackenzie, the song comes with a swish music video (out 31st August) that was filmed and directed by Ryan Peebles from Gadabout Films. 

The song, with its synth-driven sound and rich, soulful vocals, is about reminiscing about youth and exploring sexuality for the first time and talks about the feeling of being madly attracted to someone physically and just not being able to express it in words alone.

Here, Nadedja gives us three songs that encapsulate her latest track…

Maggie Rogers – Want Want

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t start this playlist with Maggie Rogers. She has been such a constant in my ears, a true companion for all things life, and one of my biggest inspirations. ‘Want Want’ is the second single of her latest album ‘Surrender’; a HUGE song: intense, raw, sexy and unbelievably provocative. The heavily distorted guitars, energetic drums and sensual lyrics are definitely something I’ve also channeled in Souvenirs of a Parallel Past. I like to think of these songs as soul sisters, especially after only hearing ‘Want Want’ after completely finishing SOAPP. 


ROSALÍA is my spirit animal. She’s an entity; her songs are pure creative magic, full of complexity; her lyrics are fierce and fervent; and her production is undoubtedly original, ambitious to its core. A Palé remains one of my favourites, the dense sub-bass, low-silky vocals and loaded drop are insane! Plus the empowered lyrics inspired a new found notion of power and sexuality I’ve always aspired to explore. I can definitely see it in my music and life now.

MUNA – What I Want

MUNA always reminds me that pop music can be fun, feminine, powerful, bold and immersive all at once! I love music you can both cry and dance to, you can lose yourself in it, feel it all, dance it all out, and MUNA gives me just that. What I Want is the most freeing, fearless, confidence-boost anthem I’ve heard in a long time. The striking synths, mixed with their poppy lyrics and vibrant soundscapes are to die for – all qualities I can definitely relate Souvenirs of a Parallel Past to.

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