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We’re all aware of the magic an outfit can bring to the day. Whether it be a swish new coat, an extravagant dress or a striking suit, it can change how you engage with people and how they interact with you. It can help you blend in or make you stand out from the crowd, as well as masking or accentuating who you truly are. Clothes are an incredibly powerful social tool.

Fitting is a theatrical genderqueer glamour fest co-created by Matt Miller and Peader Kirk, performed by Matt Miller and directed by Peader Kirk. It arrives at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham on Friday 22nd and 23rd October and follows Matt’s adventures in dresses and suits, looking at how our appearance can shape how we treat one another.

Here, Matt tries to encapsulate the feel of the production using only three songs…

Queen – Perfume Genius 
A bit 80s glam, but with a modern take. I first came across this song, and the album it’s from, Too Bright, not long after it came out in 2014 and was drawn in by it straight away. It feels like a throwback to the high-camp and glittery drama of Adam and the Ants, particularly Prince Charming. There’s a real beating heart of rebellion, fierceness and sadness to it as well though. I think it’s beautiful.

I’d like to think Fitting has the same mix of control on the surface and bubble just underneath. It’s so much fun to play – being a solo show, each performance feels like a negotiation with the audience and, at it’s best, the show feels like it’s just straining to get away from me while I’m performing it. I feel like this song puts music to that tension that I can feel, and that I hope audiences can feel too.

Sleeping Ute – Grizzly Bear (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

This one is a track we use in the show itself. What a gorgeous, clever remix. The original track is great too, but this one just picks one little bit from it, one riff, and stretches it out gleefully and playfully. 

I love that combination of a laid-back feel but with those constant soft but insistent drums driving everything forward. I take inspiration from that. Fitting is often reflective, giving space for thoughts and stories to dance in the room. But, in rehearsing it and performing it, I always try and keep in mind that sense of a drumbeat underneath, keeping everything going, pushing it along, right to an end crescendo.

Boys Keep Swinging – David Bowie

Where would a genderqueer show be without a bit of inspiration from Bowie? I’m not the first to mimic that iconic lipstick smear and I definitely won’t be the last. The celebration of transformation in this song, or more particularly the video, is a joy. But it’s the blurring of the boundaries, the literal smudging of what is what, and who is who, and where and how and why it matters that is the real grit of it. And, hopefully, those are the questions we’re asking with Fitting too.

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