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Inventive and effortless comedian Seymour Mace brings his brilliant silliness to Good Grief at The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 8th October. He was kind enough to join us for a little feature focused on his five favourite numbers before that. Over to you Seymour…

I’m gonna do my top five numbers. Here goes.

It’s always been my favourite number and when I was a kid I planned to build a house in the shape of a number five, I also wanted to have my ears pointed but that’s another story. When people ask me why it’s my favourite I simply say “Because it’s better than all the other numbers.” I don’t know why, it just is.

Because it magically gives you two of your favourite number, as long as your favourite number’s between one and nine.

Eleven times five is fifty five! How cool is that?!?!?

Because that’s the estimated number of dogs in the world and dogs are cool as fuck!

All odd numbers except 23.
Odd numbers are generally better than even numbers because they’re more out there. Even numbers are happy being numbers, they’re like “Hey guys! Isn’t it great being a number?!” Whereas odd numbers, given the choice, wouldn’t be numbers they’d do all kinds of crazy shit instead so odd numbers are pretty great except twenty three which is a dick number because it thinks it’s spiritual and stuff but that’s just bullshit. Twenty three’s like the Richard Branson of odd numbers, a fake hippy twat.

Seymour Mace is at The Stand, Newcastle for Good Grief on Monday 8th October.

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