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2017 has been a rather interesting year. We’ve been lucky enough to fill our pages with some incredible creative talent, so we asked a few of them to share some thoughts on the year just gone. We caught up with stand-up comedian and actress Sammy Dobson, to take a little look back through the highs and lows of her year…

So, how was your 2017?
Good thanks! You know, personally. On a global level it was horrifically terrifying. But B&M Bargains sell peppermint Ritter Sport chocolate now so all round, great year.

What was your best moment?
Going to the Kit Kat club in Berlin. I’ve totally fallen in love with Berlin this year and, as at times return flights from Newcastle were only £40(!) I’ve been three times. The whole place is completely amazing but watching a man dressed as a sissy gimp enthusiastically clicking along to a jazz three-piece band pool side in Berlin’s premier sex club was definitely my highlight. Also, I did my first ever hour at Jesterval comedy festival in July and I was so overwhelmed that it went well that I came off stage and burst into very happy tears. That was pretty good too.

And your worst moment?
Dropping a 50kg barbell end first on my mobile phone. See, going to the gym is bad for you.

Your favourite band of the year?
This was the year I’ve finally had to accept, I’m old. I have no idea who or what anyone is anymore. I’m just getting wind of stuff about ten years old. I got into a band this year that broke up two years ago… My favourite band this year, last year and forever are Gomez. But they did announce this yet they’re touring next year so that sort of counts… doesn’t it? 

Your favourite song of the year?
Probably Call The Police by LCD Soundsystem. I only got into them after seeing them at a festival last year. (See- I’m 10 years behind!) Their album American Dream was one of my favourites of the year though. Also, Harry Styles Sign Of The Times was phenomenal. I mean, I completely thought it was sung by a woman for about a fortnight but still, what a completely unexpected belter. 

Favourite TV of the year?
I am dangerously obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race. Season 9 premiered earlier this year and it was utterly dragnificent. Seasons 2-9 are on Netflix and I cannot implore you strongly enough to watch it ALL. I have found it incredibly empowering, entertaining and enlightening. Though I am now spending far too much money on wigs…
There’s been some great comedy this year – really into Motherland which is still available on iplayer. Great series written by Sharon Horgan, Holly Walsh and Graham and Helen Linehan about the truth of motherhood and modern parenting. Lovely cameo in the first ep by Ben Crompton too!

Your favourite film?
I wish I could say something dead arty or niche but honestly, it was Baby Driver. I cried at the end for no good reason other than I’d enjoyed it so much. I was genuinely blown away. The soundtrack is sublime, the story is great and, Spacey aside, the cast is wonderful. I’m hoping they’ll release a second DVD where they edit in an actor who isn’t a sex criminal over Kevin Spacey. Or just draw a great dog. Or a laughing egg. Anything really.

Favourite venue of the year?
The Stand will always and forever be my most favourite place in Newcastle. The food is outstanding, the staff are lovely and the comedy is endlessly brilliant. We are so incredibly lucky to have it in our city. Whenever I’m on there with comedians out of the area they nearly all list it as one of the best venues to play in the country. Good, eh?! I’m over the moon to be doing the Christmas week of gigs there 11th-16th December! Can’t think of anywhere better to do some festive comedy!

What was your favourite gig of the year?
The Maccabees farewell gig at the O2 was a pretty emotional and powerful performance. I also saw Thee Oh Sees for the first time. I dragged my boyfriend to see Jeremy Kyle recorded live (turns out he’s not very nice. WHO KNEW?!), so he made me see Thee Oh Sees. I can’t help but feel I won that one. At one point there were three drummers on the stage. I’m a simple creature. Drums = good. Many drums = many good.

What gifts are on your letter to Santa this year?
Three wigs, a leopard print beret and a mirror with lights around it. I’m embracing my inner drag queen. 

And finally, what has 2018 got in store for you?
Wearing my three wigs! I intend to spend a lot more time in ‘drag’ next year. And in German sex clubs. I’ll also be working on mine and Lee Kyle’s podcast ‘Which is the Best?’ – we’ve just reached our 100th episode! I love doing it so I’m glad we get to continue talking our complete nonsense next year. I’m also working with Lee, Hal Branson and Hannah Murphy on a pantomime for Christmas 2018! Weird to be working that far ahead but we’re very excited about it! (No you aren’t!) Yes I am! Etc. 

You can see Sammy at The Stand, Newcastle on Stand Spotlight on Sunday 10th December, and on The Stand’s Christmas shows from Monday 11th until Saturday 16th December.

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