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We’re very fortunate at NARC to have some immensely talented photographers capturing amazing moments from gigs all around the North East. We asked them to put forward their favourite photo of the year, with this being the first collection of those. One singular moment, captured through a lens, one person’s viewpoint of a collective experience. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we’ve asked them for a few more too, as they tell us just why this was their favourite photo of 2015.

Charlatans Adam Barnsley__1450877947_94.1.157.2

Image by Adam Barnsely

The Charlatans @ O2 Academy

I just love it. The gig was brilliant, Tim Burgess was so perfect to photograph, smiling and dancing around and getting up close. I just liked the composition and the exposure of the shot and once I switched it to black and white, I just love the feel of it.



Image by Matt Horne

Elvana @ The Central

It’s from the moment the band hit the stage and sums up the entire gig experience – an explosion of grunge out of a Texan jumpsuit. Unlike a lot of bands at the moment, Elvana offer a visual treat for gig photography. Rather than just some people standing around with instruments, they tear the stage up (what ever the size) and leave you feeling like you’ve just witnessed something special.

Drenge - High Resolution-7.jpg Idene__1450878419_94.1.157.2

Image by Idene Roozbayani

Drenge @ The Sage

I saw Drenge for the first time when I took this photo. During the first song it became clear what they were about live, and for me this picture perfectly encapsulated that energy. Loud, bright and full of moments that make you twist your face in appreciation; very much like what Rory Loveless’ face is doing here.

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