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We here at NARC have decided we’d end 2015 with a fond look back at the year just gone, and who better to tell us than some people who’ve had an utterly fantastic year; and for whom 2016 is sure to be just as exciting.

Next up, it’s stand-up comedian, Lauren Pattison.

So Lauren, how was your 2015?
Looking back it’s been pretty good! It’s been busy and stressful  what with finishing university, the Edinburgh Fringe and starting a Masters. But I’ve had the chance to do some amazing things like supporting Katherine Ryan on tour and getting to see penguins and baby monkeys at the zoo in Barcelona.

What was your best moment of the year?
My best moment by a mile was playing on the comedy stage at Latitude Festival in July. I didn’t expect there to be much of a crowd, and as it turned out there were well over 2000 people there. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that and I hope that it’s not the last!

Your worst moment of the year?
In a way, finishing university was one of the worst parts because it marked the end of the big part it’s played in the last few years of my life. Saying goodbye to the people you’ve lived with and worked so closely with for 3 years was really sad! It came around far too fast, I would love just one more year with the lot of them so I could really make the most of the time!

Your favourite band of 2015?
I got the new Coldplay album for my birthday which you could argue means someone really likes me or really hates me. But it’s a great album and they reign champion for another year as ‘Lauren’s Favourite Band’.

Your favourite song of 2015?
I listened to King by Years & Years a lot, and Lean on by Major Lazer so I’ll go with those.

Your favourite film of 2015?
Please do not judge me but it is Inside Out, for I am a colossal child, trapped in a childs body, with an adults ID. It was far too bloody sad for a kid’s film though wasn’t it? I’m still not over Bing Bong. It’s probably one of the only films I saw this year cause I don’t go to the cinema to see films very often. I have a little attention span and can’t focus for that long, and always eat my sweets while the adverts are still on.

Your favourite gig of 2015?
It’s a tie between seeing The Prodigy and Jamie T, both at T In The Park this year. I’ve been dying to see them both for ages and then ending up seeing them back to back which was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday.

Finally, what’s 2016 got in store for you?
Well I’ll be graduating a second time round, I’m taking my first solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe and hopefully I’ll be gigging lots, lots more! I don’t really know what’s in store, but I hope it’s a good one.

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