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Stand-up comedian George Zach has had a pretty interesting year. He’s documenting a lot of it in his new show, Confessions Of A Homeless Sex God at The Stand, Newcastle on Sunday 31st July. Before that though, we grabbed him for a quick chat, to learn a little more about the man behind the show with such an interesting title…

How’s comedy life treating you?
Comedy life is odd. You lose a lot of relationships due to the unsociable hours of the lifestyle, you certainly can’t call yourself rich (it’s the arts in 2016 Britain) but you get to travel, do what you love and crucially, I have stopped using an alarm clock.

How did you get started in comedy?
I had no idea stand-up existed until George Carlin died. Then I found a comedy workshop on gumtree (was actually going through the personal ads because I was a sad lonely boy) and they signed me up to Long Live Comedy‘s open mic night on St Patricks Day.
They thought I was doing a character act.

Tell us about the new show?
Well it is called Confessions Of A Homeless Sex God and I started writing it after I found myself crying at a Starbucks at 4am in Manchester over a stolen muffin. It was after I had broken up with my ex and moved out the house, couchsurfing with friends and being kicked out of hostels. Call me crazy, but I somehow don’t think the muffin theft was the real reason I was acting like a 4 year old in a coffee shop.

What’s your favourite thing about performing comedy?
The feeling that I am helping people laugh, forget their troubles and giving out positive vibes to the universe.
Let’s be honest, it sounds way better than the truth, which is I am a massive attention seeker who wants to be listened to.

What inspires you?
Ambitious, outspoken people who hustle their way through their dreams and aren’t afraid to own up to it.

What makes you laugh most?
My friends. They are hilarious.

What do you get up to away from comedy?
I am never away from comedy. It goes with you everywhere you are. But when I am not performing or travelling I like playing video games, I go out as much as I can and I love cooking for people! Also, I have started listening to rap music and reading the lyrics to see the inner workings of these artists’ minds. I am fully aware of how ridiculous and wanky this sounds.

What’s up next for you?
My gig at The Stand this Sunday at 4:30 pm, then the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where I will be performing, thinking and watching comedy every single day. It is a beautiful month filled with equal parts expectation, creative fulfilment, intoxication, despair and doubt. My goals are to build on last year’s audience numbers, whilst at the same time hanging out with mates having fun and trying to convince each other life is worth living!

George Zach brings his show to The Stand, Newcastle on Sunday 31st July at 4:30 pm.

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