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Stand-up comedian Carl Hutchinson has had a pretty special 2018, we caught up with him to find out more about how his year’s been and hear all about his highs and lows.

So, how was your 2018?
It’s been great, aye! I had the pleasure of playing the Metro Radio Arena again supporting Chris Ramsey, I enjoyed it all the more this time around. Plus I got to advertise and sell-out the Tyne Theatre & Opera House off the back of that so that’s had me in high spirits for a few days now. Another year older, another bit of the house gets done up. I’ve really became used to strangers in my house, I might go on Four in a Bed. All in all a good year. 

What was your best moment?
It would have to be when I presented the staff at the trampoline park with a voucher that got me in for free, she gave it back to me at the end of the bounce and explained it was “free for life”. I couldn’t believe my luck, all I had to do what tweet about them. Gravity Force, Sunderland, They’ve shut down now, I should have tweeted more. Now my bed is goosed. 

And your worst moment?
The builder in my house did the typical “who’s done your bathroom?! They’ve made a right mess of it” (while making a mess of their own in another room). He explained that the pipes under my new sink really should have been boxed in. The only way you can see the pipes is if you’re sat down on the toilet. So he was doing a manky builder poo in my lovely new bathroom and slagging it off simultaneously. When I realised all of that, that was my worst moment. 

Your favourite band of the year?
I don’t think I’ve listened to anyone new, I love them two new ones on X Factor, I’ve just spent 3 minutes trying to look up their names. They’re 14 & 15 years old and they rap, girls. They were good. 

Your favourite song of the year?
Well speaking of X Factor I have to say I LOVE Cheryl’s new song, Love Made Me Do It. Un-ironically, not taking the mick, I really like it. Sophie HATES me singing it around the house, but as I said “if you’re gonna watch constant X Factor, Strictly, I’m a Celeb etc don’t complain when I become institutionalised. Love made me do it…and I’d do it again!

Favourite TV of the year?
I think the new series of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is their best work, I’d have to go with that. 

Your favourite film?
Patch Adams! 

Favourite venue of the year?
The Metro Radio Arena. Some comedians or fans say that comedy doesn’t work in an arena. It doesn’t, it really, really does. The big screens either side of you allow you to get a laugh from the slightest facial expression. In that respect it’s actually a little more intimate. 

What was your favourite gig of the year?
It might have to be Christchurch on the Ramsey tour. I completely spoilt the end of my set. the audience were great, too great in fact, they were letting me get away with murder. I was so relaxed and comfortable on stage right at the end seconds before the last words were due to come out of my mouth I heard an audience member break wind. Rather than be professional about it and crack on to save the momentum, I could’t stop myself, the line went…
“Do you ever wake up so last you just—DID SOMEONE JUST PUMP?!’
Silence. That person knows who they are, they did pump and did not admit it. That’s on you, not me. 

And finally, what has 2019 got in store for you?
Oh well 2 stag dos, 2 weddings (1 of each is my own), a best man speech, gonna sort the garden out, squeeze in 54 tour dates and then head to the Edinburgh Festival. Actually that’s all in the first half of the year, I might take the other half off. 

Carl’s show on Saturday 2nd March at Tyne Theatre & Opera House has very few tickets left but an extra show at The Stand, Newcastle has been added on Sunday 27th January at 5pm.

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