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Master of lo-fi bedroom pop Trunky Juno beefs things up with the release of his new slacker rock single, Better Better. Released via Young Poet, the track discusses the jagged side of moving on and letting go in a loveable, fuzzed-up college rock style, complete with groovy verses, euphoric choruses and a delightfully distorted solo. 

Here, Trunky Juno, who is actually playing a real-life show at Cluny 2, Newcastle on 8th December, tells us all about his dream show…

It’s very difficult to decide how far to go with a dream show. I think everyone knows the feeling of turning up to a venue and there being no stairs, sometimes that’s all you need for a dream show. But this is ‘the’ dream show, so I guess my gear will be carried by those who have wronged me at some point. 

Choosing a venue is hard, I feel like St. James Park is too easy. I like the idea of a venue from the golden age of 80’s wrestling, like the Cow Palace, or Mid-South Coliseum, but I also like the idea of having it somewhere more low key, like a back garden. 

Let’s have Tony Clifton open the show, and once everyone is nicely warmed up we’ll move on to a video package of some kind of screen. This should be really overblown and emphasise the magnitude of the whole event. Footage of things like the big bang, dinosaurs, the ice-age, war, technology, all of which lead directly to the point in time where I arrive on stage. 

All the bells and whistles will be there, like a drummer in one of those glass enclosures. That’s how you know a band is serious. We’ll get our set wrapped up pretty quickly, and I’ll turn to Harley the guitarist and say “are you putting your gear in the car now or waiting until after?”. 

At this point I’ll sit in a chair with a nice glass of coca-cola and watch The Flaming Lips, Rolling Thunder era Bob Dylan, and Kanye West perform setlists that I’ve carefully picked for them. 

I call the pizza shop on the way home, so it’s ready to pick up when I arrive, and eat the pizza in bed watching Star Trek.

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