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Newcastle-based indie rockers The Avelons release their new single, Since Monday. The song was inspired by an unforgettable encounter with a soon-to-be influential person and is an anthemic, nineties-tinged, number complete with joyous rhythms, dancing guitars and husky, earnst vocals.

Here, the band tell us about their dream show…

First things first. The gig will take place in the BVB Stadion Dortmund, home to German football team Borussia Dortmund. Their fans are incredible, the Yellow Wall is one of the wonders of the world. We’d set the gig up so the wall is behind us, acting as a choir.

This means the stage is gonna have to be a pretty open set-up, so clear blue skies and blazing sun all day is a must. There will be a Guinness slip ’n’ slide heading out from the stage into the crowd.

We’d have to set some sort of teleportation device up, so our Newcastle-based support could jump from the Big Market to the stadium instantaneously. Upon arrival, any recording devices will be confiscated and returned when you leave. We want a sea of arms, not phones!

The bars will be staffed in a ratio of 1 bartender to every 5 fans, I’m not having 20-minute cues. ALL PINTS WILL BE A REASONABLE £3 FLAT, NO CONNING THE CAPTIVE AUDIENCE. Also no cocktails! Nothing that takes an age to make.

This is an all-day affair. It will be broadcast live (and free) around the world. It will be covered in a studio. I’m thinking, Brian Johnson as the main host, joined by a disgruntled Roy Keane, a hyper Micah Richards and top geezer Ally Mcoist. Our pals The Support Act Podcast are reporting live in the thick of the crowd.

Support will come in the form of The Clash and The Rolling Stones. Actually nah, we will open up, cut loose after.

All bands will be joined for a song by Aretha Franklin, I’d love to hear her sing on The Gallows…

Muhammad Ali and our mate George on security. Any elbow-throwing obnoxious arseholes with a wandering hand will be dealt with.

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