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S.K.X. are intergalactic funkanauts who find themselves on Earth releasing ‘audio transmissions’, with their latest one taking the waveform of When The Morning Comes, which features Hexham earthlings Annie S and Osaka Jo on vocals and human bass operative James ‘Funkenstein’ Brown. The latest track has all the energy of a supernova and is as groove-filled as Phobos, you could say it’s out of this world.

Here, the space-travelling, music-making outfit tell us what their dream show would look like…

We found this an interesting proposition to describe a dream show in human language.

We are inhabitants of Aldermaran 4 (Maranesians) but we are now located on Earth. We are pursuing our mission to transmit audio data back to our home planet.

We do not dream as humans do, however with the help of Morley, Aldermaran 4’s AI entity, they enabled us to to describe our ‘dream’ show.

Because we are able to move through time and space with ease, it means that our dream show has both taken place already and will also happen again in the future.

This was a special show put on in recognition of Ultra-Tremelo, the host of The Commudus Ballroom on Aldermaran 4’s leisure moon Celestion. It honours her service to the great harmonious pleasures provided to the citizens of our planet and its satellite moons Celestion and Phobus.

This show takes place in the magnificent ballroom at The Commudus, which is a large glass dome hotel within the spaceport Keystation 61 on Celestion. It has stunning views of the blue moon of Phobus and the aquamarine and orange-coloured Aldermaran 4 with numerous spectacular solar storms and nebulae.

The Commudus Ballroom is spherical with a circular stage at its centre. With the aid of Morley it has a fluid aesthetic of vivid retro futurist colours similar to a giant disco ball.

For this show the audience are able to enjoy many cosmic delights being able to inbibe cocktails such as a Black Hole, a Commuduspolitan, a Red Dwarf, a Phobian Moonrise and the ubiquitous Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Prior to our mission as Sonic Kilohertz Explorers, we were known as The Commudus Space Trio, the ballroom’s house band. We perform our Dynatron star system hit the audio data known as ‘Solar Storm’. Travelling forward through time we transmit S.K.X’s ‘When the Morning Comes’ as part of this show.

Morley enabled us to also add some of the wonderful Earth-basedskx musicians we admire. Morley has the ability to transport them through time and space to perform at this show. So the bill includes: The Isley Brothers, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sun Ra, Steely Dan, Gil Scott-Heron, Curtis Mayfield, Nina Simone, Fela Kuti, Funkadelic, Earth Wind and Fire and Billie Holliday.

Also on the bill are a number of stellar galactic artists including: Plavalaguna, The Cantinas Band, Meco, Martian Dust, Tyco Monolith and the band Disaster Area, who being the loudest band in the Universe perform from a stage on a satellite constructed by Morley called Geleo Dynata.

We can safely say that all of the artistic performers had the show of their lives and the citizens of our star system and planet were filled with high levels of happiness and pleasure.

NOTE: Some of the descriptions and terms used are the closest translation approximant from our language Maranese. 


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