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It’s coming to something when your own Dad has to fill you in on pop culture. Not long into exactly ninety minutes of relentlessly clever visual comedy and one-liners (Seymour was watching the clock), Dad turned to me and said, “Isn’t that the bloke that was in that TV programme Ideal with Johnny Vegas?” “No idea,” I replied (turns out he has the DVD).

The Jarrow-born funnyman decided to be his own support act (something about saving money), and immediately had the audience in the palm of his (sometimes fake) hand, reading out old material to check if it was still funny (it was). His use of music throughout the show was hilarious (think Wings, Roachford, Heart); we were led through a variety of off-the-wall topics such as sensible time travel, doctoring party poppers and famous Garys. His re-enactment of a recent date to see what he was doing wrong was excruciatingly funny, and his revival of the Generation Game complete with Brucie impression (complete with new game Oldest C**t vs Youngest C**t) was genius.

Shit Title is the only thing about this show that you could possibly call shit. Anyone scared of cuddly toy abuse, inflatable bananas, mannequins or puppets might be traumatised, but it’s worth it to be in the presence of comic brilliance.

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