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The Stand, arguably the gravitational centre point of all things funny in Newcastle, was a fitting place for a proud Geordie to debut his newest comedic creation. Already crowned a comedy favourite in the North East, Joby Mageean lived up to his golden reputation in his delightful show Shanty Prince.

Though it was an Edinburgh Preview, which is designed to test waters and weed out shakier moments, Shanty Prince still provided all the things a good stand-up show should: it was well-structured, entertaining and above all else, just very funny. Some people simply have a natural talent for making people laugh, and Joby was heavily gifted said talent. His stand-up also finds a unique strength in his personal likability, which makes him feel familiar to an audience.

The visual elements, audio surprises, props and musical numbers all aided in telling his unique story in a way that made it so engaging. Never straying past a few sentences without a clever joke tied in, the focus of the show was his claim to the Shanty Throne, to be inherited from his father, who symbolically owned it during his time as a shanty singer. He explored this claim to the throne with stories of his father, Newcastle, his childhood and his run-ins with oceanic roaming. Silly, sweet and special, Shanty Prince and Joby Mageean was, and is, more than worth sea-ing.

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