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It’s not often that you get to hear stories about the respective benefits of lemonade in a variety of countries, the amazing qualities of Canadian people and rock out to Nazareth and Biggie Smalls all in one evening. That’s exactly the kind of variation you can expect at a Craig Campbell show, a comedian passionate about globetrotting who’s soon to do a show at Everest base camp.

I can imagine being inside his brain is one long constant adventure – he walked us through scary Russian border controls, being puked on in a compromising position whilst at kayak camp in Canada, and his attempts to try and find a bed for the night for three Norwegians in Vancouver. His outsider’s perspective on our national sports was hilarious (even to a very mixed crowd) and I particularly enjoyed his energetic performance of California Love (he’s a big hip-hop fan).

The audience lapped up his anecdotal style, especially in the second half when it got a lot racier and the laughs got louder. I came away wishing Canadians ruled the world, and wanting to research (and go to) weird and wonderful places he’s visited on his travels. Just don’t ask him about David Duchovny and his (ex)girlfriend. His normally cheery disposition might change…

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