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The first word that comes to mind regarding Anna Morris‘ Bitchelors is impressive. Morris deftly switches from character to character (five in all), each one distinct and fully realised, managing to subvert expectation providing hilarious surprises with each character.

We’re introduced to Georgina the Chelsea it-girl, Nina Gordon the confrontational entrepreneur, Jane Dough the mumsy baker, Keva O’Leary the sauced war correspondent and Alexi Steel the self-titled Bitchelor. The only weak link in the chain is arguably Georgina who feels the most like a caricature yet she redeems herself in the final act. The structure is that of an awards show, each character a contestant in the Woman of the Year awards save for Georgina who acts as host. 

Morris commands the stage armed with a remarkable arsenal, utilising prop comedy, music, song and audio-visual segments bridging each character (and costume) change. Audience participation are two words that often cause this reviewer to run and hide under the nearest table but Morris managed to inject enthusiasm into a weary Monday night crowd getting people on their feet yelling “Long live the Bitchelor”. She was in her element conversing with the crowd, pulling people onto stage and combating a front row patron that’d had a few too many shandies.

Her physical comedy was superb elevating her cheeky and often dark jokes which shocked and delighted whilst her confidence endeared the audience to each character. Morris is a true professional with a solid voice and an undeniable talent for character comedy.

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