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Four-piece indie band Fever Days are from Newcastle and have a sound that fuses alt-pop with new wave and indie. Originally a bedroom solo project for songwriter Oli Green, the band have done very well in the relatively short time they have been together having found their way onto festival line ups, Spotify playlists and Kaleidoscope record’s books (Callum Pitt, SHIELDS, Grace Gillespie). Their lovely sound and quirky live shows caught the attention of the bookers at Twisterella and the band will be heading down to play Teesside’s finest on Saturday 12th October. To make sure you have a good breakfast on the day of the festival, the band share with us their top five cereals. 

5. Golden Nuggets – have that perfect satisfying crunch that other cereals can only dream of. With great adverts and the sweet honey aroma, golden nuggets truly taste like childhood.

4. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes – Probably the healthiest thing on this list. It’s cheap and bountiful, and always reliable. You can bet you’ll never have a bad bowl. The only problem is it gets easily stuck in your teeth, but it’s worth the risk

3. Krave’s – expensive, and comes in small boxes, but for something to have every now and then it’s the perfect treat. My personal favourite is the hazelnut flavour. It’s just a shame I get through a box in about 2 days

2. Coco Rocks – A combination of textures, exquisite flavour and a generous helping of satisfaction. The first bite is a crunch, then a hit of chocolate finishing with a smooth, sweet aftertaste, all-dancing together in perfect harmony throughout the experience. It’s like a carnival in your mouth. 10/10

1.Cookie Crisp – The mascot might look a bit battered these days, but there’s nothing better than cookies and milk. Simply the best, end of.

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