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Newcastle-based alt-rock outfit, Abnorm are set to release their debut single Citrus (out 18th September, pre-save here). The band formed just before lockdown and this track aptly  focuses on mental health and those days where you just lose control (“citrus days”) in a well produced, thrashy rock ditty complete with big, melodic Paramore-esque sounding vocals. 

Here, guitarist Jamie Budge tells all about his favourite guitarists in his bunch of fives.

I did one of these a little while back prior to the Unsocial single launch, I think it was? I did a top five of bands that my band Chain The Phoenix have played with. This time I’ve opted for top five guitarists that have inspired both my music taste and guitar playing, people that I have idolised over the years and who have shaped my guitar style in some way. 

Disclaimer: I can’t play anywhere near the levels of technical fidelity some of these people exhibit. 

Alexi Laiho – Children Of Bodom
The greatest band I never got to see before they split! Coming out of the Bullet For My Valentine phase, which saw me into metal music thanks to Guitar Hero World Tour. Children Of Bodom came up in my Youtube recommended’s and I was very  quickly hooked by Alexi’s fast and intense riffing and neo-classical inspired lead lines played in sync with the synth player. He did all this while doing vocals… which you can’t call singing. If you like the heavy stuff I recommend, Bodom after Midnight and Needled 24/7. 

Misha Mansoor – Periphery
All guitarists should remember how “heavy” they felt when they first discovered drop D tuning, which is predominantly what I used nowadays because I really can’t be bothered taking more than one guitar to a gig. Now imagine that x10 when you discover lower tunings.. and extended range guitars! Misha Mansoor and Periphery transferred me into my “Djent Phase” of the early 2010’s, I got a cheap LTD Steven Carpenter 8 string and proliferated the most muddy flubby tone you’ve probably ever heard, and had the audacity to subject live audiences to it. I did get to meet my heroes when Periphery played the local O2 in 2013 however. If you want to hear how 7+ string stuff should be played, listen to Make total Destroy or The Walk. 

John Petrucci – Dream Theater
“Yes, I am your god, check out my guitars, they were all painted by Micheal Angelo, I don’t mean that guitar noob, I mean the guy who painted Jesus on the ceiling and stuff” 

I could never write prog myself, but I take a lot of inspo from the prog god Petrucci when I ever have to do melodic “balladic” solos, I do one day wish to write my own “another day” Solo. Under A glass Moon and Rite Of Passage are other favourites of his. 

Matt Heafy – Trivium 
The First Metal Concert I ever went to in about 2007 was to Matt Heafy’s Trivium. First Track I listened to was the 12 minute long Shogun and I have been hooked on them ever since. A great example of the “metalcore” Riffer, melodic segments that pop out staccato from underneath the low “chug” note.. there is probably a more technical term for it somewhere.. as well as being a sick shredder (because he religiously practised under Pettrucci’s “Psycho Exercises”) he is great at doing clean and scream vocals. One can only dream of such versatility

Guy Laverick – Sin Theta 
Can’t round this off without mentioning my teacher! Some who have seen both myself and Guy play say we adopt the same “stance” on stage but I think that is entirely coincidental. Guy taught me all of the lick patterns and scales I fall back on in my work, the difference being is he is capable of playing them 100 times faster. Blame it on the video games!

Guy had a stint in Blitzkrieg, who’ve title song got covered by THAT famous thrash metal band. His current band Sin Theta are a blast live as well, boasting a mix of prog elements and a more Classic Metal style of the 80s brought into the modern era. Some “old guards” might remember Chaos Asylum Too! 


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