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As part of the unique BRASSED ON event at Durham Town Hall on Friday 14th July, two North East artists take on a fantastic challenge of working alongside an established brass band to enhance their sound and take it to new levels.

Brassed On! will conclude with a set from female vinyl DJ duo Noble & Heath, committed vinyl collectors who have played all over London and bring a fresh energy to the dancefloor, spinning the very best in soul and disco, no doubt with a brassy theme. We caught up with them to find out more…

Can you tell our readers a bit about yourselves?

Noble & Heath are a female double-decking vinyl duo DJs playing proper music for proper dancing.

Committed collectors, we spin the very best in soul, funk, jazz and gospel, all mixed together with a healthy dose of disco — and the kind of soulful shenanigans that keep you out ’til the lights come on. Expect unashamed energy and rascalish behaviour from the outset. 

How did you get into DJing?

We first met at university and both liked similar stuff and music. We were new to the city and there was so much to do and explore. We started immersing ourselves deep into London’s thriving music scene and started to meet like minded people and slowly got more and more into soul music, specifically.

We never planned to be DJs, it just kind of accidentally happened. We both had a few records and DJ’d back to back once at a friend’s surprise party. We got the bug, and then got asked to DJ at some other venues off the back of the one random night. Then it never stopped – for every gig we did, we got offered another…and so on!

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into a similar field?

The most important thing is passion for the music. You must be willing to, and want to dig deeper than most other people. If you want to get into DJing specifically, make sure you know your music first. And when you are first starting out just say yes to all the gigs in order to start getting your name out there.

What can audiences expect from your appearance on the night?

Hopefully lots of good danceable music! We’ll be playing plenty of soul, funk, disco, gospel and we’ll be doing lots of dancing too!!

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