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As part of the unique BRASSED ON event at Durham Town Hall on Friday 14th July, two North East artists take on a fantastic challenge of working alongside an established brass band to enhance their sound and take it to new levels.

Darlington’s Luke Royalty will work with Leeds-based brass band Loud Noises to bring some of their high octane contemporary brass sound to his soulful urban pop music. Here, Luke tells us more about what audiences can expect from this unique collaboration.

Tell us a bit about how you’ve got involved in the BRASSED ON! project and how you feel about being involved

I was approached by the organisers Jennie and Sue at the start of the year about potentially collaborating with a brass band for the festival and instantly it was a no brainer in saying yes. It’s always been a dream of mine to play live with a brass section.

What did you think of Loud Noises when you first heard them?

They’re very energetic and colourful performers which is very exciting to me. I think my performance style is a lot more laid back (nervous) so it will be very interesting to share the stage with such talented outgoing musicians.

How have you been preparing for the collaboration?

So far it has just been an exchanging of files, but we’re organising our first rehearsal as we speak and I cant wait to hear what they have come up with and share each others visions and ideas for the gig.

Do you have any particular expectations in advance of the show?

I don’t really know what to expect to be honest. I feel like our performance styles are different but they will blend together nicely and hopefully add some energy to my set.

What can audiences expect from the live performance?

It’s actually our first gig a band for 5/6 months so potentially expect some rustiness from me, haha! Expect me to be overwhelmed with how good Loud Noises are. Hopefully they’ll make up for our rustiness.

As an artist whose sound is already quite genre-fluid, how do you see your collaboration with Loud Noises contributing to the music you make in the longer term?

I really hope so. I’ve been experimenting a lot recently with a new sound and I feel like the only area of music I didn’t cover was using brass. So I hope that this project influences me into trying it out.

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