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Do you remember life without the internet? Alice Adams is part of the first generation to grow up not knowing what that is like. Opening her first Facebook account at 10 years old, there has been no written about rule book about how to live life online, Alice’s generation has grown up navigating a new, unregulated digital world. The past 10 years has seen immense changes to the way we work, socialise, eat and entertain ourselves; mobile devices have become seamless extensions to human processes fitting into the cogs of everyday life. 

Alice Adams is a painter and digital artist currently based in Newcastle. She uses digital technology as a tool in her painting as a way to make sense of the virtual space we occupy online. From small intricate paintings to large scale structures and augmented reality pieces, Alice’s painting takes on many forms as she explores how such a traditional and physical practice interacts with the digital world we inhabit.

Alice is in the final year of the two year Master of Fine Art course at Newcastle University, her work is displayed in the MFA Newcastle Fine Art exhibition at Hatton Gallery and Newcastle University Fine Art department from Friday 23rd August-Saturday 7th September.


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