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Image: Roy Lichtenstein Modern Art II 1996 ARTIST ROOMS National Galleries of Scotland and Tate. Lent by The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation Collection 2015 © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein/DACS 2019 Photo John McKenzie © National Galleries of Scotland


Artist Rooms – Roy Lichtenstein is at Hatton Gallery, Newcastle until Saturday 4th January 2020

Pop Art created access to the art world for many, paving the way for the vibrant street and urban art we see today. In the 1960s, Newcastle was one of the birthplaces of Pop Art in Britain, whilst over in New York, Roy Lichtenstein was playing his integral part of its rise.

I attended the launch of the Artist Rooms collection by Roy Lichtenstein at Hatton Gallery. It is clear to see influences from comics of the 40s in the likes of Reflections on Crash and Reverie. I found the effect of the primary colours against the backdrop of white walls remarkable. With the Benday technique used heavily, you are drawn into a trance-like state as you follow how the dots subtly change in the work.  

The part I adored the most was the works Composition I and II. Like many creative people, Lichtenstein had a passion for music with a life-long love of jazz. He has captured the essence of free-flowing music as the lines twist and twirl with some notes refusing to be bound. Here, he has also used the most gorgeous peach and turquoise shades.

It is a privilege to experience, and excellent to see the work in Newcastle, knowing the strong links that the university has with Pop Art. A visit to the Hatton Gallery always feels full of promise; students, who are artists of the future, creating work alongside icons of the past.  


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