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Symbolism-heavy, utterly out there, and tinted by some kind of spiritual atmosphere – Ceiling Demons, the self-described “alternative art-rap band”, are back with their latest single Silver Birch. Serving as a prelude to their new album, Snakes & Ladders, due for release in September.

From beginning to end, this song is a mystical journey with such contrasting parts in a three-minute track having been scarcely seen since the Beatles’ Happiness Is A Warm Gun. From Dan Demon’s rasping, gravelly vocals, through the will-o’-the-wisp choruses written and sung by guest vocalist Zarahruth, to when Chris Shaw’s guitar comes jangling in, foreshadowing the Clash-reminiscent final verse which is sung by the gruff voice of Psy Ceiling, Silver Birch is exciting, enticing and everything you’d never thought of before. Something really quite special.


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