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April would have been a month packed with excellent gigs, theatre and comedy shows – many of which we’d have previewed and reviewed. We didn’t want to ignore the contribution these artists (and promoters) make to the region, so we asked some of them to give you a few tips on how you can spend your time in isolation.

Annie Rigby is Artistic Director of Unfolding Theatre. Here she talks about how she’s surviving the current crisis and offers some ideas on staying positive

1. Have small expectations. You might spend self-isolation making a masterpiece. But it’s ok if you don’t. There’s a lot on your plate right now. So, take pleasure in small things. Go on, sit in a sunbeam.

2. While you’re there, read Saltwater by Jessica Andrews, a knock-out novel about growing up in Sunderland and finding a place in the world.

3. Support the venues you still want to be around when this is all over. Get on their website. Make a donation. Feel warm inside.

4. Discover new music and support North East talent. Start with Kay Greyson. She was the soundtrack to my summer last year. Then there’s electronic duo, Squarms, featuring Garry Lydon (also Unfolding Theatre’s Associate Artist so we’re biased!), Archipelago, Mariam Rezaei & The Old Police House and more…

5. Find small ways forward. At Unfolding Theatre, we were about to make a new show, The B-Sides, with writer Alison Carr and musician Ross Millard. The show features a house band open to all. We had three sessions last month to test the idea. Loads of people came and it was lush. We want to find a way to keep the (metaphorical) door open. So wanna join our house band while you’re stuck in your actual house?! Check out Unfolding Theatre’s social media or email [email protected]. We’ll play together somehow!

6. Now get back to that sun beam.

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