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Collaboration can so often be the key to unlocking an artist’s potential. 3-Phase, a new initiative led by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation exemplifies this by bringing a trio of artists together across three exhibitions, one of which takes place at Gateshead’s Workplace Gallery from Friday 27th April until Saturday 9th June.

Newcastle-based artist Nicola Singh, who joins Larry Achiampong and Mark Essen, will be creating new work which focuses on the “physical, intuitive and sensual ways we might understand or experience ourselves, each other, spaces and the world”. Nicola finds particular inspiration in the dialogue and interaction she has with others – particularly other female artists she works with – and has found being part of 3-Phase a valuable experience. “There is a lot of care and attention between us all, about the work and the overall process, which has a good knock on effect for my making.”

After spending time as an artist in residence at the Hongti Art Centre in Busan, South Korea, Nicola has developed a technique for expressing her work. “I’ve recently started to explore the relationship between my body and materials through touch and sensation. I made a series of new works through rubbing, grabbing and tracing my body with pigment beneath a range of materials including paper and clay.”

Nicola’s process of making and installing the work is inter-connected, she’ll be making her pieces in private workshops within the gallery, from which she’ll bring the works together in an installation. “The performative element of this work is primarily in its process of making, as I attempt to capture a live experience of touch and sensation on and with my body. My hope is that the works communicate this through their presence in the gallery; that they feel very much of a direct, live experience. I like to think of the install as an opportunity for the work to meet the space and for the space to meet the work, and to keep things pretty simple and informal.”

A further live event will take place alongside the exhibition, which will expand on the themes Nicola is exploring, creating a thought-provoking and highly original installation.


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