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The art of conversation is under threat; blame social media or simply short attention spans, to be a raconteur is lost skill. But there’s something to be said for in-depth analysis and dialogue, and this is something Newcastle-based actress and performance artist Hannah Walker wants to reclaim with her quarterly Daft! Chats events at new venue, Bobiks.

Daft! Chats is no old-fashioned style chat show though; Hannah’s experience of performances around everyday rituals that are mundane, curious, dangerous and delightful will tease her interview subjects into revealing all.

Highly relatable and entertaining, Hannah makes the perfect host to rekindle the art of conversation by doing what she does best: sitting down for a jolly good chin-wag with a famous arty Northerner. “The North has so many talented people. I want audiences to discover and learn more about them! I’ll ask about their work, find out how they began their career, what they’re up to now, what they like to do on an evening…etc, but in a fun way, so the audience are entertained.”

Her first guest on Thursday 18th July is the multi-talented illustrator and animator Alex Collier. After an eight-year stint as co-editor and cartoonist for Viz comics, Alex began writing children’s TV comedy with credits including Mr Bean and Danger Mouse. “He’s a cartoonist, he’s animated films with Vic Reeves and Ross Noble and he’s a writer. So, very talented. He’s also a delight to talk to!”

There will be a Q&A element to the show, so the audience can try their hand at asking her Northern celebrity some questions too. “I don’t like forced interaction, so the audience don’t have to talk! But I hope they will have lots of questions.” 

Even though Hannah’s a dab hand at getting others to bare all in conversation, she’s less enthusiastic about being the subject of scrutiny herself. “I’d be a very dull interviewee,” she dismisses, “it’d just be me moaning about being tired from my crazy toddler/wine/dog. My dog Pugsley would probably be a better fit.” 

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